“It was just a dream for the team”

The Team

The concept for the “LINX Beach” jacket was born by a group of friends who all share the same love for the hip hop genre and culture. Each member brings their own unique blend of talent and expertise in different areas to the project.

John Nunez

As former wall street executive John has always held the culture close to his heart. The music has been the soundtrack of his life. This quintessential “B-boy” envisioned the concept of remastering and reintroducing this fabled garment to the world in the fall of 2013 with the hopes of bringing back the mystique of the golden age of hip-hop. The idea was pitched “boardroom style” to his partner and good friend Raekwon and let’s say the rest will now be history.

The Design Team

When Raekwon, John Nunez, and Robert Santana Jr. set out to create the CL95inc project, they knew that [for] the launch of the LINX Beach jacket, it was paramount to carefully select who would carry out the vision. They were clear that the chosen designer had to truly be part of the culture, and hip hop genre.

Lighting struck, and they were able to engage two dynamic and talented individuals, who collectively, saw the project with the same love as they did. To them, it would be part of history and movement in fashion. The quest was to design the new version, making it just as fashionable. They wanted to use the same color palette and flavor of the original, but featuring upgrades. This has made it a [more] functional jacket in today’s world, and an iconic fashion statement.

Danilo “Saga” Cabral

Born in the Dominican Republic, this 40 year old husband and father of two, has been drawing since he was a child. Having graduated from college in New York with a degree in Visual Communications, his love of hip hop was ever present in his work. He began collecting vintage Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica and with dreams of someday having his own clothing line. After working in the fashion retail industry for many years, he was chosen to collaborate on the project showing his passion, artistry and dedication to make a statement. His talent is obvious with a finished project that perfectly marries quality and nostalgia with modern day components. His mantra: “go all-in and let the art speak for itself”.
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